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Hudevad Flat Panel Radiators – Now in Stock

Simply Radiators now stock Hudevad, flat panel radiators.

The Hudevad P5 family of radiators are available in horizontal and vertical formats, single or double radiators and also with an electric element.Consequently they can meet high heating demands and offer great flexibility.

The range also includes the Plan and the new Plan Fionia which incorporates the unique classic Hudevad design with rebated front panels and closed sides plus rear convector fins and an elegant integrated top grille.

Come visit our new showroom in Milton Keynes or contact the sales office for quotations and further technical information.


3 Responses to “Hudevad Flat Panel Radiators – Now in Stock”

  1. Edmund Chadwick Says:

    I am looking to buy a P5 radiator with hooks, approx 400 wide by 1800 high. Please can you provide a price with and without delivery. Plus order/delivery period

    07870 269 850

  2. Noel O connell Says:

    Can you pleas provide me with a price on the following p5 flat panel rads
    600x500sp, 950x500dp, 400x1200sp,600x500sp, 1200x500sp,400x1200sp, 800x500sp, 1600x500sp, 850x400sp, 1000x500sp 2400x500dp,1730x500dp, 2400x500sp,1200x500sp, 400x500sp,1200x500sp,

    I am based in ireland but would be looking for a price collected

  3. stuart robinson Says:

    please quote on the following and delivery to high wycombe
    1 no plan 40 mmx600mmx500mm or sim in stock regards stuart robinson