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Flat Panel Radiators

Simply Radiators offer a huge range of flat panel radiators featuring: horizontal and vertical panel radiators as well as compact and slim line models.

Steel flat panel radiator collection

All our steel flat panel radiators are ideal for industrial, commercial and domestic applications and are manufactured to the most exacting standards with the highest quality steel.

The range includes smooth flat panel radiators with integral grills and end panels, double and triple panel compact radiators and ultra slim minimalist styles; all with a vast array of sizes and outputs.

We have a range of flat panel radiators to suit every environment and budget which add a modern and stylish touch to any interior.

decotherm_horizontal decotherm_vertical hudevadP5K hudevad fionia
Decotherm Horizontal
Decotherm Vertical
Hudevad P5K
Hudevad Fionia
profile prolux prolux_horizontal hudevad Plan
Prolux Vertical
Prolux Horizontal
Hudevad Plan
Hudevad P5KV

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Flat Panel Radiators

Stylish and elegant flat panel radiators

The flat panel is perfect for any room in the house. Sleek and simple, these heating radiators are ideal for space saving or maximising the look and feel of a small living area. Our stunning collection of flat panel radiators will add a modern finish to any style of property.

Shop online with Simply Radiators today and view a huge range of flat panel radiators in every style: horizontal, vertical, compact flat panel radiators or slim-line designs. Whatever your taste or design preference, there is something to suit your needs.

Smart and Robust Flat Panel Radiators

All of our models are designed for flawless style and elegance. But they are also tough and durable enough for different buildings; perfectly ideal for industrial, commercial or domestic applications. Our flat panel radiators are manufactured to the most exacting standards using high-end, premium steel for the most spectacular and luxurious finished product. Versatile and made to the highest quality, our flat panel radiators can transform your home, your business premises or any other property.

Take a look at our wonderful collection of radiators now by using the scrolling image gallery on this page. Click on the gallery thumbnails to view a full size image and browse the varied selection of styles. From curved panel radiators to smooth white vertical panels, horizontal flat panel radiators to super slim-line designs, there are so many looks you can achieve for your home.

Flat Panel Radiators for All Budgets

Our flat panel radiators have an incredible 'wow' factor which can add a contemporary element to any environment. They are also available to suit all budgets. Choose from flat panel radiators with integral grills and end panels, double or triple compact radiators or minimalist radiators in a choice of sizes.

If you have any questions about the products on this page, or anywhere else on our website, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Here at Simply Radiators, it's our mission to transform dull, lacklustre interior spaces into incredibly beautiful, inspiring and modern homes.