Multi Column Radiators and their Advantages

A multi column radiator is a traditional steel radiator, which is made up of vertical or horizontal tubes in each section.
Many people like to buy the multi column radiators because they have a very traditional look. Some of the advantageous features of multi column radiators are:

• Better performance
The heating ability of multi column radiators has often been found to be better than that of other heaters. They deliver a much better performance as steel heats quickly, this will help to increase the efficiency of your home, especially when combined with a newer economic boiler.

• Lighter
Multi Column radiators are a lot lighter than other type of radiators, as a consequence, they are easier to transport and manoeuvre into position making delivery and installation an easier job for all involved

• Cost
These radiators are constructed in such a manner that there is only the minimal wastage of raw material and hence they are cost-effective and cheaper when compared to alternative radiators on the market.

• Attractiveness
Multi Column radiators can look very attractive as they can be painted in any colour of your choice. Some other radiators cannot be easily coloured as they are only supplied in primer coats. Multi Column radiators can be made to suit any interior design or theme.

• Flexibility
As these radiators are composed of vertical columns, this means that they can come in any width or height, making them a very attractive radiator to sell, market and buy as there is very likely to be a column radiator that is suited to you, for example take a look at the difference between our Tubarad Bench Radiator:
And our Tubarad Vertical Radiator:
These radiators are produced with the same material which in turn makes them very flexible when it comes to design.
We at Simply Radiators offer Multi Column Radiators in 24 heights, 5 depths and lengths to meet every requirement.
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