Add Flair to your Rooms With Designer Radiators

Add Flair to your Rooms With Designer Radiators

Imagine your home could be completely transformed by simply replacing your universal radiators with brand new funky designer radiators. Central heating solution designs are forever evolving with brilliant ideas from designers on ways to spice up those vital and practical sources of heat. Long gone are the days of limited choice and boring white radiators. You can now buy radiators in many different incredible shapes and sizes. Some even have their own lights and shelves. Sophisticated designs for radiators are not just for the rich and famous.  Anyone can add designer flair to their home with a little imagination. With the right budget and some careful planning, the right choice of designer radiator will give you a lifetime of pleasure in your home.

Cutting Edge Designer Radiators Wall Sculptures With Heat

Smaller designer radiators mounted higher up than normal on a wall can even be regarded as a piece of wall sculpture that also produces heating for your room. Designer radiators don't even need to look like they have a practical function. You can buy mirror radiators with the surround of the mirror made of silver or chrome tubes that emit the heat. And because they can be curved, round, oval or wavy styles can be used in bathrooms for the ultimate design effect.

Designer Radiators - Invigorate your Home

Breathtaking designs in the new range from leading manufacturers Kermi and Arbonia will invigorate your rooms. Take the Karotherm for example, it's geometric design and boxy patterns exude charm, elegance and could even be used as a room divider. They don't even need to be attached to a wall to remain a practical source of heat. Fantasy radiators even use a heat resistant painting process to cover the radiator surface with photographic images, drawings of paintings of the customers choosing. Use your imagination and investigate the range of possibilities to inspire your home or office décor with designer radiators.