How To Boost Your Central Heating With New Radiators

How To Boost Your Central Heating With New Radiators

Investing in new radiators will add an extra level of warmth and style to your rooms.

Central heating radiators work by circulating hot water around the pipes that then radiate the heat generated into the space it's situated in. In the early days of central heating radiators were made from cast iron. These traditional radiators are no longer common in new constructions of buildings but are back in vogue now with many people rescuing and restoring them back to their former glory. You can also buy replica cast iron radiators to replace standard ones in Victorian or older style houses.

Central Heating - Radiators - Efficient and Flexible

Under-floor heating is becoming a more and more popular option to consider as part of your central heating plans. Under-floor heating is a network of pipes or tubing that work in the same basic way as radiators do, but allow heat to rise up from the floor into the room. It's especially useful in small confined spaces such as bathrooms or installed under 'cold' flooring such as tiles or cement.

Most newly built houses and offices have central heating radiators installed straight away but you'll still find some older houses without complete systems. These houses were generally either heated by a single open fire in the living room and kitchen, or if you were very lucky, a fireplace in every bedroom. With the rising cost of fuel such as wood and coal, fires became a much less attractive option when compared to efficient and more eco-friendly central heating with radiators. The physical labour required to clean the fireplaces out everyday, shoveling the coal out from the scuttle, and then carrying a heavy bucket up the stairs and through the house was no longer an attractive prospect compared with simply switching a button on for heat, or turning up a knob.

Smart, Reliable and Warm Central Heating

Convection and conduction are the sciences behind central heating in radiators. For added climate control of your house or offices each radiator has it's own thermostat to regulate the amount of heat required in each room. You don't need to heat some rooms as much as others, for example the hallways or lesser-used rooms so you can save energy by setting the thermostat to low.

In more frequently used rooms keep them turned higher and you'll stay nice and cosy all through the winter months.

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