Cast Iron Radiators - The Inner Beauty

Cast Iron Radiators - The Inner Beauty

Flat panel, wall mounted, vertical and cast iron radiators. We all recognise the outer shell of our radiators but few of understand the technology behind them.

We all know the purpose of cast iron radiators and pay lots of attention to the exterior when choosing a radiator. As a customer many of us are attracted to a radiator due to the way it looks and how it will compliment our home. Underneath the shiny, sleek and polished exterior however each radiator works in the same way right? There are two main types of radiator, an electric radiator and a central heating radiator. Some radiators are heated by water some by electricity, some have a single pipe some have double pipes but the outcome is the same.

Show your Personality with Cast Iron Radiators

Home décor is just another way in which home owners can express their own individual style. With so many different styles to choose from it is easy to find something a little bit different to wow your guests. There are styles to suit everyone ranging from the simple yet understated to the weird and wonderful. There are big chunky cast iron radiators or slim shiny silhouettes. When it comes to radiators the decision is yours.

Cast Iron Radiators Make a Comeback

So the main purpose of radiators is to heat you home in an efficient manor but as more and more emphasis rests on style which type of radiator is the most visually appealing? Cast iron radiators are the models that come to mind when we think of classic heating systems used in the past. However, these classic radiators are making a comeback being seen more and more frequently in contemporary settings. This type of radiator was not known for its beauty but like many people say it is what is on the inside that counts.

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