Cast Iron Radiators and Victorian charm

Cast Iron Radiators and Victorian charm

Cast iron radiators have reigned over the commercial and domestic heating worlds for decades - but now they're in demand for their design as well as their function.

Cast iron radiators carry a lot more mass, and as such, deliver a longer lasting heat. The reason why cast iron radiators have endured even though central heating systems have evolved over the years is because of the fundamental effectiveness of cast iron radiators offering a superlative heat output. But now, it's the style and design of cast iron radiators that have ensured an insurgence in demand.

Cast Iron Radiators for Authentic Elegance

The Victorian era was one of rapid change in technology. An era that impacted heavily on the aesthetics of interior designers; the prosperity that came from the Industrial Revolution changed how homeowners invested in design and their homes. The new found influence made the middle classes more aware of status and their homes, and how they furnished and decorated them, became a badge of their status. Cast iron radiators were an effective form of central heating in the big draughty, high ceilinged Victorian houses. The size of the radiators ensured that the heating lingered longer. Cast iron radiators were used in schools and office blocks across the country in the seventies and eighties and lost some of their design kudos. Many of us have memories of scolding hot cast iron radiators in the schoolroom. But as issues such as energy efficiency and rising heating bills become increasingly important, finding effective ways of heating a home as efficiently as possible is at the forefront of many designer's minds. Cast iron radiators offer a fantastic and unique solution in an era of flat-pack furniture and bland central heating systems.

Iconic Design Statements

A good interior designer will ensure even the most mundane and functional part of a home looks stylish or elegant. Cast iron radiators offer a way of creating a distinct charm, tapping back to their classic, traditional Victorian roots. Using cast iron radiators in a classic drawing room with opulent fabrics, ornate wall paper and deep colours is a fantastic way to achieve a timeless elegance. But conversely, placing them in a minimalist, modern interior can look quirky and industrial. Cast iron radiators are simply stand-alone, iconic design statements.

Looking for Authentic Cast Iron Radiators?

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