Hudevad Visit

Hudevad Visit


By Kerry-Anne Welsh


HU•DE•VAD. However you pronounce this hugely popular Danish radiator brand (for the correct pronunciation see

this video), it will make you smile. It’s a name that conjures thoughts of the brand’s chic scandi design, ever popular with

architects and interior designers.


I recently visited the factory to find out how its unique – and surprising – production team produces such stylish designs.


Anyone who owns one of Hudevad’s radiators will confirm that the quality is second to none, in terms of both form and

function. That’s thanks to the team’s impressive attention to every detail during production.

It’s intriguing to see the company’s highly skilled workers carrying out the many processes that go into creating these high-quality radiators. Kerry-Anne saw

them welding front and side panels to create the robust casing for the highly popular FIONIA range, soldering the flow and return pipes and creating the

convection fins found in many of their models. It’s these robust fins that give such fantastic heat output from this range of Hudevad radiators.


Watching the paint line run around the factory is fascinating. This is where the bare metal finish is transformed by the wide range of RAL colours that are ready

to be loaded into Hudevad’s paint spraying machines. Kerry-Anne’s favourite is the Deep Orange RAL 2011 RIOpanel radiator in the company’s showroom.


A pleasant surprise is that, contrary to common stereotypes, the paint line is predominantly run by women – Girl Power in action.

Hudevad sets the bar high not just in terms of form and function, but also in its company culture. It’s clear to see the sense of family at the core of this business.

Many of its staff have been with the company for over two decades.


This Danish company has so many fabulous attributes and a 170-year manufacturing tradition. This allows Hudevad to move with the times and continue to

provide stylish and highly functional heating systems around the globe.